Live Lesung "TIN PIT" von Wasim Ghrioui

Live Lesung "TIN PIT" von Wasim Ghrioui

Do. 18.03.2021. um 18 Uhr

TIN PIT is a parable of humanity, of different values and laws, and of how they create different perspectives and actions over time and space. TIN PIT presents a collection of stories, which stems from the memory of Syria in the years between 1980 - 2011. The stories take their starting point from the environment of the lower working class - the group of the Syrian society that has been the main victims of the ongoing unmerciful war. Millions from this class have fled what was left of the country and spread around the world. Many of which have arrived in Germany. Through the stories presented in TIN PIT the audience get the chance to look into some of these lives and fates, and the legacy behind them.

Written by Wasim Ghrioui