Amer Okdeh

Amer Okdeh, Syrian visual artist, born in Damascus 1986

Graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2010 and a graduate of the Sculpture Department of the Polytechnic Institute in 2006

He worked in several plays as an assistant designer and designer for the Opera House and Al Hamra theaters in Damascus. He was a designer for interactive theater at the Massar Society 2008 and 2009, and an assistant interior designer for a number of TV series. He left Syria at the end of 2012, under security threat, to Idlib, and then to Turkey, where he worked as a lecturer in the field of art education for children and adolescents, currently residing in Germany since the end of 2014. In 2019, he obtained a master's degree in theater design from the University of the Arts in Berlin, under the supervision of Professor Hartmut Meyer. He worked as a scenographer and assistant director in several theaters between Berlin, Leipzig and Göttingen

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